• Mission Statement

    AHM will endeavor to create solutions to poverty, health, HIV AND AIDS, social justice, food insecurity, inequality, and environmental degradation in Malawi, with the active participation of the communities.

    Vision Statement

    An organization that empowers the poor, the marginalized, discriminated against to undertake development that is integral and holistic.

    Protect young girls

    The Executive Director of Action Hope Malawi Sammy Aaron has been quoted by Media about the rampant increase of Teenage Pregnancies in Mangochi and he has described this situation as worrisome which needs urgent actions.

    News, Events & Stories

    The organization was established in response to community problems which include high levels of child malnutrition and mortality, increased HIV/AIDS-related deaths in the communities, lack of access to clean water and hygiene practices...

    Training Leaders

    CBO leaders pose after completing one-week long training in Theatre for development.

    No Child Marriage

    Ending Child marriages in the communities

    Education for Girls

    Girls stay in School campaign by Action Hope Malawi

    Second Chance

    Teen mothers who have gone back to school under the Adolescent Development Program.

    Girls Future

    Adolescent girls and young women receiving School materials in Zomba

  • Gender-Based Violence Issues and Discussions

    Gender-based violence (GBV) is violence that is directed at an individual based on his or her biological sex OR gender identity. It includes physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse, threats, coercion, and economic or educational deprivation, whether occurring in public or private life



    With a primary purpose of ending gender-based violence and safeguarding the rights and well-being of women and children, Action Hope has taken the initiative by joining the police, community, and other stakeholders in marching against these crimes. Action Hope supports the government to uphold its responsibility to ensure that the rights of women and children are protected against violence across the nation.

    Taking the Initiative

    Executive Director of Action Hope Malawi pose with Police officers Ending Gender-based Violence

    End Gender Violence Campaign

    Executive Director of Action Hope Malawi interact with Media on Ending Gender Based Violence among women and Girls. #16 days of Activism

    Stakeholders Taking Part

    Action Hope Malawi, Malawi Police Service, Judiciary, and other Stakeholders taking part to end GBV among women and girls.

    Stakeholders Taking Part

    Action Hope Malawi, Malawi Police Service, Judiciary, and other Stakeholders taking part to end GBV among women and girls.

    Health Service

    A Health Service provider is providing HTC services to a sex worker at one of the Hotspot in Machinga district

    Issue Discussions

    Action Hope Malawi also encourages Sex workers to be discussing issues that affect them especially on gender based violence and ART adherence.

    End the Violence

    Together We can

    Fight Against Drug Theft

    Fight Against Child Abuse

    Challenges on Drug Accountability

  • Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

    Action Hope Malawi, with funding from USAID through World Connect, is working hard to raise awareness on COVID-19, which has hit the world. Action Hope Malawi is also distributing Water buckets and Hand sanitizers, including soap to strategic places such as Markets, Health facilities, Churches, and Police stations.
    Action Hope Malawi is using the Public Address System to reach out to people with COVID-19 preventive measures.

    Besides, Action Hope Malawi, with funding from AIDS-Fondet and Mac AIDS, has embarked on the fight against Coronavirus in Zomba, Machinga, and Blantyre. These water 💧 buckets and hand sanitizers will be placed at all bottle-stores and public places.


    Safety first

    Stay Healthy

    Water Buckets

    Handing out water buckets for washing hands.

    Soap and Water Buckets

    Lead by Example

    Stay Clean

  • What We Do

    Our current projects and programs

    Improved quality of Life

    This program aims at increasing access to economic opportunities among women in order to be financially independent thereby addressing GBV in their families. The program also targets Adolescent girls and boys (Youth) by giving them economic support through vocational artisan skills that will enable them to create jobs and be economically empowered.

    Protect our future

    The program aims to protect the rights of children at all levels and to become their mouthpiece.

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